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Anna Bates Jul 21,2016

Super Power Foods That Help You In Boosting Immunity

An apple a day is just not enough for keeping a doctor away in this modern world, which is filled with a lot of unhygienic and unhealthy food. So for that, it is a must that your immune system runs smoothly.

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Here are some power foods which you can consume for boosting up your immune system.


Yogurt consists of probiotics or live active cultures which are considered to be healthy bacteria which helps in keeping the gut and intestinal tract free from germs which cause disease. A research says that consuming 7-ounce of yogurt daily can prove to be effective in boosting your immunity.

Oats And Barley

They consist of beta-glucan which is a type of fiber which contains antimicrobial and antioxidant capabilities According to a study it is proved that if animals eat this compound they share the lesser chances to have contact influenza, herpes, and even anthrax. In humans it was found that it helps in boosting immunity, healing wounds quickly and helps various antibiotic work better.


Garlic is a potent relative of onion and it contains some active ingredients such as allicin which fights against infection and bacteria. A research carried out by British researchers proved that people who consumed garlic share 2/3 fewer chances of catching some common diseases such as cold.

So for staying away from various diseases and various other bounhealthy events it is a must that your immune system should be fully functional and intact. For that, it is advisable that you consume such type of foods which help you in boosting up your immunity.

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Anna Bates Jul 10,2016

Top Tips For Students To Save Money

Whether you are new to the world of college or someone in the final year thinking to mend up with the financial mistakes of past years, you need to get a hold of the expenses. Being a student means you are on a limited budget and money slips off from the hand very easily. Again, earlier or later you will realize the fact that the grant and the student loans that you are receiving are not enough to meet two ends. So be smart and try to save money on various necessities. You can manage to save good by making use of these tips and techniques:

Make use of coupons

You must have heard this same old story. But understand that coupons help you to save on a number of expenses. You can make use of Voucher Shops Promo Code while shopping and see the results.

Get student discount card

It is true that there are a number of places where students can manage to get a discount. So better get the NUS extra card. You can even have your university card handy. You will be able to get benefit with the card at a number of places. You can get a discount for attractions, shopping clothes, transportation, etc.

Save money on utilities

Most of the time, a good part of the monthly budget is spent on utility bills. So it is a good idea to compare prices of different companies and get the best connection.

Join brand loyalty scheme

If you are a regular customer at a food joint like Subway, you can join up the loyalty program when you spend a certain amount. This way you will be able to enjoy freebies as well as discounts. There are a number of food outlets as well as retail and branded stores that offer such loyalty discounts. So better join them and save some serious money.

Say no to credit cards

It is really exciting and fun to have your first credit card. You may swarm up the stores to shop. But things change when the payback time comes. You may end up paying hundreds of pounds just to pay the card interest. So it would be better to stop using a credit card for shopping.

Save on groceries

One of the major expenses that a college student faces is buying groceries. Now you can even shop for them online. There are a number of online supermarkets all set to serve you. So compare product prices and get the products delivered to you.

Always remember that it is very easy to spend all the money and fall into debt. If you manage to act wisely you can save good from your college grant as well as invest some for a better returns.


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Anna Bates Jun 23,2016

A Step-By-Step Guide On Transitioning Onto New Membership Management Software

The transition seems easy at first, but moving to a new way of doing tasks proves to have its own difficulties. The same can be said for transitioning onto a new membership management software, which may look like a simple task, but if not done correctly, it could turn into an organizational nightmare.

Here is a step-by-step guide to make your transition to a new membership management software simple and easy.

Keep Your Employees In Loop

Your volunteers and employees are only as effective as their knowledge about their jobs allow them to be. Therefore, opting for best membership software can be really beneficial for your organization. Any transition to a new membership management software must be made known to your employees as soon as you know it’s happening. Ensure that a deadline has been set and being announced to your employees so that they won’t be shocked by the new launch.

Hold Training Sessions

Fortunately, most software products provide training courses and experts to guide you and your employees through the transition about your new membership management software. Ensure that training given to them is just not given once only. The harsh truth is, people are more prone to forgetfulness. In such cases, it require reinforcements of what they learn. As a matter of fact, incentives help them making training session more effective. So, in order to motivate them with some kind of incentives, may be a team lunch can be good. Be Creative and think of an idea for yourself!

Be Open To Concern About The New System

When installing a new membership management software, you should always be open to concerns and ideas about the transition. Your employees are going to be the heaviest users of the software, therefore their concerns should be heard and taken care of.

There might be a feature in the old system which streamlines your new membership management software process, but it should not be incorporated in the new software. Holding a meeting with your employees or sending out email can give your employees an opportunity to voice their concerns and help to make improvements. Therefore, make sure that you build a solid consensus with your employees on which the previous system lacked and the things you are looking to add into your new membership management software.

Make Sure No Data is Lost During The Process

There is no point to membership software when there is no data to store. Losing data can be extremely harmful for your organization, so a smooth transition of your member data between systems should be the top priority. This saves you trouble of banging your head on the keyboards for months.

There are many ways to save your data in the transition process, both on current hardware or on the internet. If just a simple and non-elegant solution is all you need for your organization, you won’t need new systems or hardware. However, if your software transition needs new hardware to cope up with times, online storage services can be really beneficial.


Whether you are thinking about world domination or just trying to keep track of gym memberships, using this guide can surely help you make any big shift in working days of your organization. Your employees will thank you for recovering your bases and completing a successful transition onto a convenient, easier and more efficient membership management software.

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Anna Bates May 24,2016

Some Very Big Mistakes Which Keep You In Debts

Being in debts is a pretty much normal thing for us as there are many aspects in our life where we urge for some extra cash. But after that we never come out or overcome the debts for a pretty much longer time. The main reason behind it are some so called certain mistakes which we make while we are in debts. So lets have a look at all these big mistakes we make.

You Don’t Negotiate

It is pretty much surprising that a lot of people don’t think of negotiating the terms of their debt repayment. If you have a credit card debt, it’s one pf the 1st things you should try. Here’s how: you can start up by calling your credit card company and asking for a lower interest rate. This sounds simple but a lots of people never do this and it can save hundreds and thousands of dollars in some cases. By doing this you can get a certain help if you are struggling to make payments.

You Think Everyone Is Doing It

One of the sure called ways through which people get into trouble with their debts is by assuming “ Everyone is doing it.” This can some form seeing your friends and family getting themselves in debt or from going to the mall and seeing everyone buying expensive clothes and gadgets with a swipe of the ol’ credit card. This can tempt you to think that everyone is in debt, so its fine. Instead you should take on the belief that you will not be satisfied until you have paid off every cent of your debt no matter what everyone else is doing.

You Assume That You Can Pay Off Debt Without Having A Plan

A lot of people think that they can pay off their debts without having a plan. Burt usually they can’t! The reason for this is that you actually create a plan to show how much money to pay towards each of your loans and credit cards every month. But then also you forget to pay off your debts.

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Anna Bates May 24,2016

Facts About National Debt Which You Should Definitely Know

As we know that the Republican-led House is engaged in a stare-down with Senate Democrats and President Obama is over raising the federal debt limit, it seems an opportune time to dig into actual numbers describing the national debt, the debt limit and interest payments on the nation’s credit line:

1. As on Sept. 30 the total debt of the federal government’s stood at $16.74 trillion, according to the Treasury Department’s monthly reckoning. Nearly all of it is subject to the statutory debt ceiling, which is currently set at a hair under $16.7 trillion: as a result, at the end of September there was just $25 million in unused debt capacity remaining.

2. The debt is almost equal to the gross domestic products which was around $16.661 trillion in the 2nd quarter. Debt as a share of GDP has risen steeply since the 2008 financial crisis:

3. Though the U.S government debt is perhaps the most widely held class of security in the world as of the end of September 28.4% of the debt was owed to another arm of the federal government itself. The single best creditor, in fact are Social Security’s 2 trust funds, which together held $2.76 trillion in special non-traded Treasury securities. Another big holder: the Federal Reserve system, which collectively held nearly $2.1 trillion worth of Treasuries as of last week.

4. As per fiscal 2013, which ended in Sept 30, net interest payments on the debt totaled around $222.75 billion. Or 6.23% of all federal outlays. If the debt services was compared it was 15% more than of federal outlays in the mid-1990’s: the share has fallen partly due to the lower rates held down the interest payments, but also because outlays have risen substantially: up 39.4% over the past decade.

5. Largely due to the Federal Reserve’s aggressive efforts to keep interest rates low, the U.S. Government is paying historically low low rates on its debt. In 2013 fiscal according to the Treasury Department, the average interest rate on the public debt was 2.34%.

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